Sailor Moon GE Mercury, Venus, Jupiter Earrings Review

"sailor moon" earrings jewelry ge toys merchandise 2012

Product: Sailor Moon stud earrings

Manufacturer: GE Animation

Year: 2012

Review: We will be reviewing Sailor Mercury, Venus & Jupiter’s earrings today! The packaging for these earrings are quite nice. As a collector, I love packaging that displays the item well without having to open it! A couple quick facts about these earrings:
Size: 1/4″ in diameter
Material: lead free base metals

As far as design’s nothing exciting..but I guess they are pretty accurate to the anime. I mean..what can you really do with Mercury & Venus’ round solid colour studs? Jupiter’s earrings are quite detailed and I think they did well on the rose design. These earrings are definitely subtle enough to wear casually in everyday life which is a plus in my opinion! For cosplay purposes however I think these are a little too small. Proportionally I think the ones Jupiter wears are almost double in size!

Overall I think paying close to $15 per pair is a little high for what they are and how they look like. But I’m a sucker for jewelry and these are official Sailor Senshi earrings!! How can anyone resist?!

Where to buy: Mercury ones for $10.80! Venus ones for $10.80! Jupiter ones for $10.95!


  1. Melissa
    October 10, 2012 15:51 Reply

    I really like the earrings. However, only people who already have pierced ears can use them. These official Sailor Moon earrings don’t come with clip-on devices for non-pierced ears.
    I am going to ask GE animation to rectify this situation so that clip-on earrings will be available for those fans who are unable to get their ears pierced.

  2. Leonardo Souza
    October 02, 2012 14:54 Reply

    Do you know where can I find the “2011 Italian Sailor Moon Mini Figures”? I’d like to buy Princess Serenity and Tuxedo Mask for my wedding, my fiancee is huge fan.. Thank you so much!

    • smcollectibles
      October 05, 2012 18:58 Reply

      Hi! Unfortunately I don’t think they’re in production anymore so they aren’t very easy to come by. I know this person is selling a Tuxedo Mask for $10:
      I have bought from them before and they’re trustworthy. As for Serenity, maybe try ebay? Hope this helps!

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