Sailor Moon Star Locket Necklace Review

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Product: Sailor Moon Star Locket Necklace

Manufacturer: GE Animation

Year: 2012

Review: I know a lot of people were waiting for this..we are finally reviewing the much anticipated GE Star Locket necklace! When I received them I was quite disappointed. The packaging wasn’t pleasing to the eye at all, GE just wrapped the chain around the tag a few times and shoved them into little baggies. Before it went on sale, GE did state “due to manufacturing difficulties a few light scratches may be present on necklace” and that it was “very minor and not obtrusive in any way“. I found this to be an understatement. With a collector mindset I bought 3 thinking I was going to keep 1 sealed and the other 2 to wear all the time. All 3 of mine had major flaws, there are brown spots/stains all over, some stains were circular in shape, some were lines that looked like cracks all over the top. Here’s a photo of one of them, keep in mind I literally just opened this from its sealed package moments before taking the photo, it has never been worn, I received this in the mail for less than 30 min!

"sailor moon star locket" "sailor moon toys" ge merchandise 2012

I contacted GE asking if they have any recommendations on how to remove these stains.

First response:  A very mild detergent, soapy dishwater should do the trick…then make sure you completely dry it, preventing water spots

(it didn’t work so I asked if they had any other methods to recommend)

Second response:  You could try a stronger detergent, but the issue of wearing down the coating would be a possibility. Let us research a bit.

(I never heard back from them so I don’t know if their research yielded any results)

When asked by someone how this happened, they replied: “It could either have been during production, transit or any number of things. We do not have the answer.

In the end..we have no solid answers or methods and all my necklaces still have those brown stains! Putting that aside, the design is quite pretty and I’m really glad it’s a glossy shiny gold. It does not open or play music which is expected since it’s just cheap costume jewelry.

I’ve had the necklace for around a month now but I’ve yet to wear it! The reason being…the bail! I can’t think of another way to describe it besides cheap and badly made. The back of the bail (the side that will be touching your body) is quite sharp and it sticks out. It actually scraped my hand and left a mark, also it will for sure snag and ruin your sweater. I also heard from other collectors that the bail opens up easily and off goes your star locket pendant!

Overall I have to say I’m disappointed, especially since GE kept delaying its release due to knowing how important the star locket is to fans and they wanted to make sure everything was done right. Maybe if I take away the anticipation and sentimental value and judge it for the cheap mass produced necklace that it is, then maybe it’s not so bad. In the end though, regardless of the flaws, I still recommend getting one since it is the fabled star locket after all.

Where to buy: You can get it here for $13.99!


  1. Sailor moon
    January 29, 2014 08:04 Reply

    I have it too! I always open carefull my sailor moon packages when I receive toys but it was destroyed! and then I thought oops but I did not do it lol! I have the necklare in new condition and I like it but I never wear it lol!
    whatever, only 20 bucks XD

  2. November 18, 2012 02:51 Reply

    I Want This >_<

  3. Erika
    October 19, 2012 02:16 Reply

    I kina hope kuma craft will try to make this. I’m finding her jewelry way more worth my money.

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