News on the Upcoming Japanese Sailor Moon Manga

After months of silence we finally have updates on the new edition Sailor Moon manga to be released in Japan! This news comes directly from osabu8, who is the Japanese editor of Sailor Moon.

This newest edition is essentially a reprint but with some updates and improvements. After consulting with Naoko Takeuchi, the colours on the covers have been updated to match the latest American version. The front coloured pages have also been digitized. The collector’s edition (aizouban) will have digitally remastered black & white pages as well.

The best news of all…to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, there will be lottery tickets for prizes!!! What the prizes are will be announced in the future.

This is so exciting!!! Not so much about the manga because I already have 3 different versions of it..but the prizes!!!! Although the chances of people outside Japan getting ahold of them is pretty slim. I will update you guys as soon as I hear more! ^^

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