New Sailor Moon Action Figures by Legend Studio!

Moonies..we need to prepare our wallets!!! At the 2012 ACG Guangdong, Hong Kong & Macau Comic Expo, these Sailor Moon action figure prototype images were on display. The Sailor Moon figure is 14cm tall and comes with 3 different faces. Her scheduled release date is May 2013. It is unclear if the other 8 senshi will be released at the same time. These action figures will be made by Legend Studio, a Hong Kong based anime toy manufacturer. According to their facebook page they do not have a US distributor so those of us in North America will most likely have to import them from Asia! (Click on the images to enlarge)

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8 Responses to New Sailor Moon Action Figures by Legend Studio!

  1. Lisa says:

    Those figurines will be so amazing. I wonder if they’ll come out like, two per month. Or if they’ll come out all at once. I really hope that they gradually release them, rather than all at once. It’ll make it easier to save up money for them. I’ve seen similar figurines from Max Factory for Hatsune Miku that begin around $30. Once they sell out, the price values goes up to $60-$80 instantly.

    • smcollectibles says:

      Yeah I can’t wait, I hope they show us some photos of the actual figures soon! May isn’t that far away! I sent them an email asking about the release dates and prices, hopefully they will respond! ^^

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  3. pastelm00n says:

    oh…my….lord…. these are going to be PERFECT!!!! they look amazing!!!!

  4. Hezaa says:

    Anyone else weirded out that they’re using the old S season logo and not the new logo?

  5. Ivan Ramos says:

    Are these figures still coming out? Its going to be August and no news about them. i’d really like to know if these are still going to be made because i’d like to have one for my birthday.

  6. Christy says:

    Hey can, anyone link me to their emailing site? I wanna thank them for making theses, and also tip them about Chibiusa, because you can’t forget her either.

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