Details on the NEW Sailor Moon Wand: PROPLICA Moon Stick!

"sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon 2013" "sailor moon 2014" wand "moon stick" rpg toy bandai japan "20th anniversary"New details have emerged on the upcoming Sailor Moon wand that was revealed at the Sailor Moon musical La Reconquista. This wand is called “PROPLICA Moon Stick” and is scheduled for release in April 2014 priced at 8,800yen. The Proplica Moon Stick is a full-scale reproduction aimed at adult collectors, a lot of details are put into it:

  • inclusion of the silver crystal
  • 7-colour LED
  • sound recording by voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi
  • specially made display stand

PROPLICA will be a new line for Bandai, the name comes from “prop” and “replica”. The concept of the “PROPLICA” brand is to introduce the latest technology in a collector’s item and to further pursue “realism” in adult-oriented products. The Moon Stick is only the beginning! From November 1-3, 2013, there will be 「魂ネイション2013」 events where the Moon Stick prototype will be exhibited.

Edit: If you want to get your preorder in early, Jlist has it available for $120. "sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon 2013" "sailor moon 2014" wand "moon stick" rpg toy bandai japan "20th anniversary""sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon 2013" "sailor moon 2014" wand "moon stick" rpg toy bandai japan "20th anniversary"

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39 Responses to Details on the NEW Sailor Moon Wand: PROPLICA Moon Stick!

  1. Lol says:

    I feel like for adult collectors translates too “We saw what insane prices you all were willing to pay for children’s toys so we decided to cash in with higher quality merch”. I ain’t complainin…

  2. Lori says:

    So amazing ! Any idea about possible preorders?

    • smcollectibles says:

      Nothing official yet, but I’m guessing preorders will start around January, 3 months in advance seems to be the norm.

  3. Aaron Merkel says:

    I don’t like when they have the voices in the toy because I am the one role–playing. I don’t want to hear someone else’s voice. DERP.

    I have the Sailormoon Moon Stick from 2000, which is very similar to this one. So, maybe I won’t get this one…remains to be seen.

    I am excited for high quality toys and for those who didn’t have a chance to get the original role-playing toys years ago, this is quite amazing.

  4. Jen says:

    I think the voice will be cute and it will be beautiful for display. I am hoping one button doesn’t mean one sound clip, with our advancements in technology, hopefully it makes other sounds based on motion or how you press the button.

  5. Hillary says:

    This is pretty exciting- I owned the old moon wand (with the removable crystal) when I was younger, but I believe I sold it a long time ago. This one looks like a step up in quality, but not THAT much of a step up. For some reason the seam lines throw me off a little bit, and it looks to be completely plastic. If it has a nice weight to it, though, it might be okay…
    I’m still on the fence though.. I like the stand it comes with, but I’m awaiting more details before I decide if I’m going to spring for it at that price!

    • Hillary says:

      Hah, replying to my own comment- just wanted to add that I was talking about the North American version of the moon stick in my post- I just realized there was a Sailor Moon World version that looks even closer to the proplica. I’m guessing that wasn’t 90 bucks new…
      I like that word “proplica” though! I was wondering what that “Coming Soon” tab was on the Figuarts website…

    • smcollectibles says:

      Understandable! This price point isn’t for everyone which is kind of sad because new fans are probably turned off by it. I was expecting somewhere near $50..not almost double that’s for sure!

  6. Kuri says:

    O M F G!!!!!! I AM IN HEAVEN ::dies:: My prayers have finally been answered. I have been waiting so long for this!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. tokion says:

    Moon Stick! : (89USD) 8,800JPY in JAPAN

  8. nina says:

    Do you think they’ll create PROPLICA Brooches, too? That would be so … OMG. o.o

  9. Vcat says:

    I’m really excited for new cosplay toys, but UGH, that price.

    Bandai, I do have to pay rent and bills, you know.

  10. sailor donut says:

    Whoa. If that thing was in a store…
    me: gimme that!* hands over cash* and don’t bother with change. * walks out*

  11. Aaron Merkel says:

    You’re right, I guess if the voices are done right, it will be awesome!! As long as they don’t sound bad in conjunction with whatever beautiful sounds the wand makes ;)

    • Aaron Merkel says:

      I noticed on the website for the wand that you can play the wand sounds with or without the voices!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Melody says:

    Well I totally preordered it. I couldn’t help myself. One thing I wonder though, what is the size? It says it’s scaled up for adult size but how big is that.

    I so hope they make all the wands and lockets. I would go broke but I would probably get them all. I’ve been dying for a season 3 locket for ages!

  13. Sailor Moon says:

    I pre ordered it ! My old wand…..dunno wat to do with it lol!
    but this one looks so much nicer

  14. Seahorse says:

    I ran across this on Ships and Sold by Amazon up for pre-order right now. 94.99 Release in May. Came here to see if it is was up and if it was legit even.

  15. lala says:

    hey lady,

    thank you SO much for these updates! really! i loved sailor moon so much growing up – and still do – but i never had the money to collect these beautiful things. now, being an adult (kind of), i’m a little more flexible! i feel like i get a chance to bring back the best part of my childhood >^.^<

    quick question – do you know anything about an american vs. japanese version of the proplica stick? i believe the s.h.figuarts had japanese and american versions. has preorders now available (imported from japan), but do we know if this is an american/international version? should i care? it's free shipping…

    • smcollectibles says:

      You’re very welcome! :D
      I know what you mean, I think a lot of us are in that same boat that’s why they’re milking us for all we’re worth now hahaha XD
      For the Figuarts it’s a little inconsistent. The JP Moon one didn’t have the international logo, but the JP Mercury does. Besides that there were no differences at all between JP and NA. There is an extra caution sticker on the NA ones I think. So based on that I don’t think there’ll be much significant difference for the wand.

  16. Miriam says:

    Is so amazing, but what is her price?

  17. Sailor La says:

    Does anyone know when the last day to pre oder would be? I’ve seen some item ends the day before, the week before and even a month before the release date. I am going to be ordering from amazon, but the seller’s reply wasn’t very helpful …

  18. Sailor Moon says:

    The first season wand with the fake silver chrystal (usa one) (not the world version)
    is going for crap (10 dollars) on ebay now and if its higher it is not selling…..
    the japanese one went only for a 100 dollars……
    I have so many toys I dont even need the adult versions..only if they will be like this… and I will hate my life ahaha

    • Sarah says:

      Really? I was watching an auction for the 1992 US version of the wand and it sold for over $150. Please show me where you’re seeing $10 moon sticks cuz I sure want one lol

  19. Sailor Moon says:

    because the most children toys are realistic as ahaha

  20. Anonymous says:

    Is that Sailor Moon Wand an import, domestic, or half of both?

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