Sailor Moon Crystal Lunch & Bento Items 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal Lunch & Bento Items 2014

It was just announced we’ll be getting new Sailor Moon Crystal lunch & bento items including chopsticks, spoon, cup and boxes. Everything is made of high quality plastic, the art used is from the Sailor Moon Crystal title card and eyecatches. The silhouette art makes it mature and fancy! These are scheduled for release in November 2014. Here are the prices:

Chopsticks & Case: 680 yen
Chopsticks & Spoon Set: 850 yen
Cup: 500 yen
Two Tier Bento Box: 1,500 yen
3 pcs Container Set: 1,000 yen

Once there are preorders available I’ll update everyone on Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter, follow links on bottom, stay tuned!

You can now preorder them here:
3 Piece Set: Jlist ($12)
2 Tier Bento Box: Jlist ($16)
Spoon & Chopsticks Set: Jlist ($9)
Chopsticks: Jlist ($7.50)
Cup: Jlist ($5.50)

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  1. Gin
    October 21, 2014 03:16 Reply

    I love the way these look! I just ordered the whole set, plus the Henshin Wands/Compacts/Luna-P lunch tote! Uggghhh, with all this merchandise coming out, I’m going to be sooooo broke.

    • smcollectibles
      October 21, 2014 15:08 Reply

      I totally agree, they’re not slowing down!! O_O

  2. September 24, 2014 12:17 Reply

    I hope these are still available when I go in December! They are so cute. I’m really tempted to get all of them though. It’s just too hard to resists them.

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