Sailor Moon Moon Crystal Mirror Gashapon Toys

Sailor Moon Moon Crystal Mirror Gashapon Toys

Bandai is releasing a new Sailor Moon gashapon set, the Sailor Moon Moon Crystal Mirrors! These pretty compacts are sparkly and metallic. There are 6 to collect in this set:

  • Crystal Star Compact
  • Cosmic Heart Compact
  • Luna & Artemis
  • Prism Heart Compact
  • Stallion Reve
  • Moon Castle

The lids are made of clear crystal-like cut plastic while the backs are metallic. Each one has a sparkly rhinestone on it. They measure around 6cm long. The compact mirrors are designed to be able to sit up by itself. The scheduled release date is mid June 2017. The retail price is 300 yen each. Stay tuned for preorder links!

JList (complete set of 6): $19.80 with 10% off discount

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