Sailor Moon Toys from First Season

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Starting with the most romantic toy there is…the star locket! It symbolizes Mamoru & Usagi’s love for each other. It is a very beautiful toy, the lid opens and music starts to play while the moon rotates in the clear compartment. This is one of the must-have items for a Sailor Moon collector. Usually fetches a few hundred dollars. The best thing about this is it doesn’t require batteries!
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This gold locket was released by Bandai Japan, Asia & Europe. Compared to the pink North American version, this is definitely the better & more accurate one. However this brooch does not light up or play music. The bottom right nail polish bottle can fit inside the compact.
"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon locket" "sailor moon world" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon collection" tiara choker prism makeup toy anime japan bandai SMW Prism Compact Set
This is the World version of the set above. This time they included odango shields, a mini tiara & a choker. The little hair comb fits into the compact. Also non-electronic.
"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon locket" prism "north america" irwin "sailor moon anime" toys collectibles japan anime bandai Sailor Moon First Season Transformation Locket
This is the North American version. It is a confused locket because the inside is of season R’s locket! While it is still quite pretty, the pink plastic and the “jewels” are kind of cheap looking. Plays music and lights up when opened & when you press the crystal.
sailor moon new 2011 toy compact brooch First Season Transformation Brooch
Not sure if this really belongs in the toy section but I think it’s a RPG item still. This brooch is made by GE released in January 2012. It’s around 2″ wide, and on the back is a pin.
sailor moon wand toy collectibles Crescent Moon Wand
The original wand which I’m sure even people who aren’t Sailor Moon fans know where it’s from!  The Bandai Japan & Asia versions come with 3 interchangeable rings (pink, blue, red) that fit at the top. While the US & Canada versions come with only 1 ring that sticks out more.
"sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon toy" "moon stick" "sailor moon world" "sailor moon merchandise" anime japan Sailor Moon World Moon Stick
This is the Sailor Moon World version, highly sought after since it’s the most accurate of the 3 before the Moon Stick Proplica. Most noticeable difference is of course the round crystal. Other improvements include a more rounded crescent shape, a lengthened and decorated handle and better music!
sailor moon 2011 new wand toy italy 2011 Italian Crescent Moon Wand
This is the first RPG toy released in the 2011 relaunch by Italy. However to the disappointment of many, it uses the old wand mold and not the SMW version. Even worse the sound this wand makes is unrelated to Sailor Moon and is just some random beeping. The only plus side is the nice packaging and a brand new minty wand at retail price!
"sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" anime japan toy collectibles wand Sailor Moon Mini Crescent Wand
This lip gloss wand is a hard to find item released in North America only. Does not light up or play music. I think this is the only nice NA toy ever made.
"sailor moon" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" collectibles tiara frisbee action japan anime toys collection Moon Tiara Action Frisbee Set
This is a rare weapon toy. The frisbee is made of squishy foam. Now you can do your own Sailor Moon attack!
"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "luna pen" transformation pen "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon anime" toys collectibles japan anime bandai Sailor Moon Disguise Pen
Pictured is the European version, but the pen itself is identical to the Japanese version. When you press on the clip the crystal lights up. You can open it in half and reveal a real working pen!
sailor moon luna pen 2011 new toy 2011 Italian Disguise Pen
This release of the Disguise Pen is a free gift when you purchase the Italian Sailor Moon magazine issue no.2. It is not as nice as the original release, but it still opens in half as a pen! Also the top red jewel opens up to reveal lip gloss!
"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon locket" prism compact "candy toy" "sailor moon collection" anime japan bandai SMW Candy Toys
These toys are packaged with candy and are very cheap retail. They always come unassembled so you have to build them yourself. This is a set of 3, the last one is a little star box and two odango hair ties.
"sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "moon stick lipstick" "creer beaute" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "premium bandai" makeup cosmetics "sailor moon 2014" anime japan toy collectibles wand Sailor Moon Moon Stick Lipstick
This is a lipbalm made by Creer Beaute, sold by Premium Bandai exclusively. This Moon Stick Lipstick is part of the 20th Anniversary “Miracle Romance” line. It’s very high quality and beautifully made! This is actual makeup targeted at adults. Retail price was 1780yen. More details here.
"sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon toy" "disguise pen" "luna pen" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon 2014" "moonlight memory" japan anime 2014 Sailor Moon Disguise Pen
Part of the Moonlight Memory Series, this product line aims to reproduce the popular toys from the 90s. It looks almost identical to the 90s one except for some minor shape differences, also this one is in a pearly shimmery pink while the old one is a matte pink. The pen function part is very different, with this one you twist the bottom half to reveal the pen. When you press the clip part the red jewel on top lights up. Released in late July 2014, part of the 20th anniversary line.
"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon merchandise" "disguise pen" "luna pen" "transformation pen" stationery anime japan toy Sailor Moon Disguise & Transformation Pen Set
These are life size real working pens, so you can use them as a toy or a functional pen. They measure around 16cm long. Part of the Prism Stationery series made by SunStar, was a Premium Bandai exclusive. Released on Nov 13, 2014.
"sailor moon" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon locket" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon collectibles" "pocket watch" "ichiban kuji" banpresto lottery prize 2014 Sailor Moon Transformation Brooch Pocket Watch
This is a functional pocket watch, the lid flips open when you press the top button to reveal the clockface. It measures around 3.5cm in diameter. This was not a for sale item. It was the “last one prize” in the first Ichiban Kuji lottery of the 20th anniversary that happened in November 2014.