Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Toys

pgsm sailormoon jewelry locketPGSM Beauty Set
This set is from the Live Action – Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Includes a beautiful pink mirror with designs on the back, a brooch necklace, two real lipsticks and a special lipstick ring/holder. When you wave the special holder over the brooch (sold separately), it will play music and light up! I have to say the necklace is the main feature of this set, it looks really beautiful and not too kiddy.


sailor moon toy locket brooch jewelryPGSM Earrings & Brooch Set
These are their transformation brooches from the live action series. Inside each of the brooches are matching earrings for the senshi. These were originally sold in gashapon machines.


sailor moon jewelry set toysPGSM DX Accessories Set
This set is perfect for cosplay! They’re very well made and pretty!


"sailor moon toy" "sailor moon" "princess harp" pgsm

Princess Harp
This is a super fun toy! When it is in harp mode, you can wave your hand over the sensors to make it light up and play a beautiful harp melody. This toy also transforms into a sword by replacing the blue jewel with the spear top and when in sword mode it plays a different melody.


"sailor moon toys" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon locket" pgsm toyPGSM Transformation Brooch
This is a really cool toy, the music it plays is very nice! When you press the center red jewel it plays 1 melody. When you wave the pretend-lipstick over the jewel, it plays a different melody. Also the light up patterns are pretty cool!


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" pgsm "sailor venus" hair bow fashion rpg toySailor Venus Hair Bow Set
A replica of the hair bow PGSM Venus wears. Comes with extra hearts and stars you can hang onto the chain. Great for cosplay!


"sailor moon toys" pgsm gashapon "sailor moon"PGSM Gashapon Toys
These are so cute! Even though they are gashapon toys, they are actually electronic! The wand & brooch light up, the phone plays music. The communicator doesn’t do anything but comes with interchangeable jewels.