Sailor Moon R Toys

"sailor moon" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon locket" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "crystal star" japan anime toy bandai "sailor moon anime"Sailor Moon Crystal Star Compact
This is Sailor Moon’s transformation brooch in the R anime season. There are 2 versions of this compact: original & the SailorMoonWorld version. The original is more accurate while the star on the SMW one is more curved almost like a flower. (Pictured is the original version) Plays music and lights up!

"sailor moon wand" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon" "cutie moon rod"Cutie Moon Rod
The name of this wand is adorable! Although this is usually the least popular wand, I still like it very much. There are several lights on the moon, they flash in different sequences when the buttons are pressed. The music is very nice on this one. This is the Japanese version which is the only version with gold buttons, all the other ones have red ones.

"sailor moon" "sailor moon toy" "communicator watch" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon locket" anime japan merchandise toy bandai "sailor moon collection"Sailor Moon R Communicator Watch
This set features the communicator watch the girls use in the anime. The toy is an actual functional watch. You can take off and switch the “face plates” depending on which senshi you want to be. The face plate flips open so you can see the time.

"sailor moon" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon anime" "time key" chibiusa "sailor chibimoon" "princess serenity" "neoqueen serenity" anime toy japan bandaiChibiusa’s Time Key Set
This set is made by Bandai in 1993. The key is made of metal, with 3 sparkly gems. It is the rarest of all the time key versions. It is also the most accurate to the anime.

"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "neo queen serenity" crown serenity "sailor moon r" anime toy japan bandaiNeo-Queen Serenity Crown
This crown is made for royalty!..not really maybe just cosplay! It is big enough for a child’s head. Lights up & plays music.

"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor chibimoon" chibiusa "luna p" cat kitty moon anime japan toy bandaiChibiusa’s Luna-P Ball
This is the Bandai Japan version, which I think is much more accurate and high quality than the North American one below. I can just imagine Chibiusa bouncing her around! There’s a pink string attached so you can carry it around like a purse. There is a compartment at the back that opens up for storage. When the nose is pressed, Luna-P makes sound and the antenna lights up.

"sailor moon" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "luna p" "luna sphere" irwin toy anime japanLuna Sphere
This is the Irwin version. It’s smaller than the Japanese version and comes with a stand. It also opens up to reveal a “secret” compartment. A really cool thing about this is its motion sensor! When something moves near it, it lights up and makes sound to alert you!

cutie moon wand toy sailormoonMini Cutie Moon Rod & Tiara Set
This is a small plastic version of the Cutie Moon rod, non-electronic so no lights or sounds. The tiara comes with a strap so you can wear it (child size).

sailor moon locket brooch compactSailor Moon R Bow Set
Comes with a pretty bow & gold brooch pin and a Cutie Moon Rod necklace. Perfect for cosplay! Other sets were also made in the future seasons featuring the Time Key, Holy Chalice and other wands & brooches.

sailor moon silver crystal toySailor Moon Ginzuishou
This silver crystal was given out at the R movie premiere in Japan. A limited edition item.

"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" brooch compact locketCrystal Star Bow Set
This bow has a pin on the back so you can use it for cosplay. Also included are hair tie odangos!

"sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "cutie moon" wand toy japan animeSailor Moon Mini Cutie Moon Rod
A mini non-electronic toy version made by Yutaka.

"sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon candy toys" "sailor moon world" "crystal star" anime bandai japanSailor Moon World R Candy Toys
These toys are packaged with candy and have a very cheap retail price. They always come unassembled so you have to build them yourself. This is a set of 4, the Cutie Moon Rod is below, and the Communicator Watch is missing.

"sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon collectibles" "sailor moon candy toy" "cutie moon rod" "sailor moon world" bandai anime japan toySailor Moon World R Candy Toys
Part of the same set above.

"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon proplica" "cutie moon rod" "sailor moon merchandise" anime japan shop bandai 2014Sailor Moon Cutie Moon Rod Proplica
Since this is a 1:1 replica, the wand is quite long at 44cm. It lights up and plays music, Sailor Moon is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi. It comes with a gorgeous Moon Palace stand. Released on October 18, 2014.

"sailor moon" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "crystal star compact" "sailor moon locket" proplica "tamashii nations" bandai shop japan animeSailor Moon Crystal Star Compact Proplica
This Crystal Star compact is really cool because the lid comes off completely while hiding the hinges. The speakers and battery compartment are also well hidden. It lights up and plays music, Sailor Moon is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi. Life size 1/1 replica. First released on April 25, 2015.