Sailor Moon Stars Toys

"sailor moon" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon locket" "eternal sailor moon" stars anime japan merchandise toy bandai "sailor moon collection"Eternal Sailor Moon Transformation Brooch
This brooch is from the Stars season. It is very beautiful but unfortunately the sound is very disappointing. All it does is beep. When it opens, there is a star-shaped button that lights up!


eternal sailor moon wand toySailor Moon Eternal Tier
Pictured is the Sailor Moon World version. This wand is the first/top part of three in the full tier. The music is kind of cool because it does something no other toy does! When you turn the knob, it speeds up or slow downs the music! The bottom part of this wand also extends out a little.


holy moon chalice sailor moon toyHoly Moon Chalice
This is a pretty awesome toy, lots of details and buttons. The bottom 3 buttons in the circle part can be pressed to play music & light up the toy. The wings can be pushed up to unlock the circular part to take apart the whole thing. It can be attached to the Eternal Tier above.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" wand stars extenderEternal Tier Extender
This wand is pretty useless by itself, you can only use it if you have the Eternal Tier. It is non-electronic and the only purpose it has is to extend the Tier. This piece is very rare and often very expensive.


"sailor moon" sailormoon starlights toy "sailor moon toys" star yellSailor Moon Starlights Star Yell
This is a really fun toy! Each of the 5 buttons plays a different drum beat, it’s pretty addictive to play with! It also comes with a brooch pin for you to wear.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" starlights headset toy collection collectiblesStarlights Headset
Fight as one of the Starlights with this headset and star brooch! The star lights up when you speak into the microphone.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toy" starlights toy locket compact collection collectiblesStarlights Henshin Accessory Set
Dress up as a Starlight with these cute accessories! Comes with a headband, ear piece, earrings, ring, bracelet, star brooch which is also a digital clock.


"sailor moon toy" "sailor moon" collectibles "incense burner"Sailor Moon Stars Fortune Teller
This toy reminds me of Princess Kakyuu’s incense burner. It functions like the Pegasus Stallion Reve. When you touch the two metal circles it’ll light up & play music and your fortune will be told!


"sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon toy" "eternal tier" stars wand "sailor moon merchandise" anime japan collectionMini Eternal Tier
This is a mini non-electronic version made by Yutaka.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon locket" "eternal sailor moon" "sailor moon stars" bow "rpg toy" anime japan merchandiseEternal Sailor Moon Compact Mini Bow
This is a mini non-electronic version made by Yutaka, there is a pin on the back so you can wear it easily. A mini bow toy like this was made for each season and compact.