Sailor Moon SuperS Toys

sailor moon supers toy compact locket broochSailor Moon Crisis Compact
This transformation locket was released in several countries. However only the original Japanese version has the IRS function.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon wand" kaleidomoon scope "sailor moon anime" wand toys collectibles japan anime bandaiSailor Moon Kaleidomoon Scope Wand
This is the Japanese version, it plays 2 different melodies and it is the only version that has the IRS function. Otherwise they are all identical.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor chibimoon" chibiusa "chibimoon compact" anime japan toySailor Chibimoon Transformation Brooch
This Chibimoon locket is the Japanese version which has IRS capability. The clear heart on the front is actually a button! Plays music & lights up.


sailor chibimoon pegasus twinkle bellSailor Chibimoon’s Twinkle Bell
This is a really neat toy! When you shake it, it makes twinkling sounds. There is also a button on the handle, when pressed you hear Chibimoon’s voice!


pegasus stallion reve toy sailormoonChibiusa’s Pegasus Stallion Rêve
One of the most popular and sought after items, but be prepared to pay a considerable amount of money for this! However, when you get it in your hands, you’ll see how beautiful it is and all the high quality details it has. It really looks like a work of art.


"sailor moon toys" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon" locket brooch bowSuper Sailor Moon Crisis Bow
This bow has a pin on the back so you can easily use it for cosplay. The brooch does not open. Also included is a tiara!


sailor moon senshi toy broochSailor Senshi Bow Set
This set features the 4 inner senshi’s bows. Inside each is a little item: nail polish, hair clip, lipstick, mirror. It also comes with a gold chain so you can wear the bow and pretend you’re a senshi!


"sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "star power stick" sailor mercury mars jupiter venus anime toy japan "sailor moon collectibles"Sailor Moon Star Power Stick
This is the star power transformation wand for the four inner senshi. This wand is pretty big, probably bigger than in the anime if you compare hand to wand ratio. It lights up and makes sound, however the sound is more like static noise. Comes with 4 interchangeable plates.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon wand" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "crystal change rod" sailor mercury mars jupiter venus anime toy japan "sailor moon collectibles"Crystal Change Rod
This is the crystal power transformation wand for the four inner senshi after their power up. The wand is pretty big, an adult hand can comfortably fit in the handle. In the bottom left corner, it comes with a clear ball pendant & gold chain for you to put a senshi plate in!


super sailor moon wand toy Sailor Moon SuperS Candy Toy
This series of candy toys is quite rare. The toy pieces come on a plastic frame and you have to rip them out to assemble them. I know the Cosmic Heart compact & Spiral Heart wand were also made in this set.


"sailor moon candy toy" "sailor moon toys" "pegasus reve" collectibles "sailor moon"Sailor Moon Pegasus Stallion Reve Candy Toy
This is extremely rare and I haven’t seen one in anyone’s collection before. There is no known information about this toy. Based on the material and size it is most likely a candy toy.


sailor moon candy toys wandSMW Candy Toys
This set of candy toys was released in the Sailor Moon World era. Complete set of 5. They originally came in pieces where you have to rip away from the frame and assemble. Other seasons were also made.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "twinkle bell" sailor chibimoonSailor Chibimoon Mini Twinkle Bell
This is the miniature version that is not electronic. It is made of metal though so when you shake it, it makes a clinking bell chime sound.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "melody belt" collectionSailor Moon Melody Belt
This item is really fun to play with, it’s like a disc cassette player! Each disc has different pegs on the back that presses into the compact which triggers different melodies to be played. This also comes with a disc carrying case.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" gloves collectionSailor Moon Gloves
When you press on the heart, Sailor Moon’s voice says “tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo!” These are meant for child-size hands.


"sailor moon toy" "sailor moon" pegasus orb toy collectiblesSailor Moon Pegasus Message Orb
This delicate toy is very cool, it has audio recording & playback capabilities. Pegasus lights up when playing. It is a lot smaller than the Pegasus Stallion Reve but still very expensive.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon wand" "twinkle bell" "sailor chibimoon" pegasus chibiusa chibimoon "sailor moon merchandise" anime japanSailor Chibimoon Mini Twinkle Bell
This toy is a mini version made by Yutaka, part of the Sailor Moon World line. The bell is made of metal so it jingles.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon wand" kaleidomoon scope "sailor moon anime" supers wand toys collectibles japan anime bandaiSailor Moon Mini Kaleidomoon Scope Wand
This mini kaleidomoon scope wand is made by Bandai. It has a big sparkly jewel in the center and the wings of this wand are moveable. The earrings are clip-on. This is not electronic, it doesn’t light up or play music.