Sailor Moon Foreign Dolls

sailor moon doll koreanSailor Moon Doll (Korea)
This doll is almost like a figure, she’s around 14″ tall. Her face is very pretty, especially her eyes. One of the most unique features that separates her from the other dolls is that she has real odangos! Her hair is styled in a way that there are actual odangos rather than just ponytails with the red ball hair tie. Comes with a yellow circle stand. Made by Sonokong.


sailor moon princess serenity dollPrincess Serenity “Serena” Doll (Canada)
A beautiful 11″ tall doll, this is the “pretty” face version. A commonly asked question regarding this doll is if it comes with a wand. The answer is no, even though there’s a slot in the cardboard. Made by Irwin.


"sailor moon doll" "sailor moon toys" "princess serenity"Sailor Moon Dancing Doll (Italy)
This is a very stunning doll, she comes with a remote and a spinning base so she can twirl around and showoff her beautiful dress. She comes in a large oversized box because of the poofy dress.


sailor moon princess serenity doll neo queenPrincipessa Serenity Doll (Italy)
One of the most beautiful & rare dolls. She is 11″ tall but comes in a big box to showcase her dress. Even though the box says Princess Serenity, it is actually of Neo Queen Serenity.


sailor moon italy italian dolls 2011 new2011 Sailor Moon Dolls (Italy)
Never thought the day would come when there would be new Sailor Moon merchandise!! These dolls were released when Sailor Moon started reairing on TV in Italy. These dolls are around 9″ tall, their gloves are strangely painted on. I guess it’s good that you won’t lose them! Unfortunately what you see is what you get, no accessories or stands. All the new merchandise involved a revamp of the artwork & logo.