Sailor Moon S Dolls

sailor moon dolls

Excellent Team Dolls
These Sailor Moon dolls are really pretty and come with awesome packaging! The front of the box (not pictured) has a metallic silhouette of the senshi. The box is like a shoebox where there is a lid you lift off to reveal the doll in a clear window (as pictured). This set is great if you like to display them but don’t like deboxing!


"sailor moon toys" "sailor moon" talking dollSailor Moon S Talking Doll
This doll is not very well known and kind of underrated. She is the first talking doll ever produced in the Sailor Moon merchandise world! She says 3 different phrases in Japanese.


"sailor moon doll" "sailor moon" "sailor moon toy" sailor chibimoon doll collectibles collectionSailor Chibimoon S Doll
This is from the Sailor Team series, a very cute Chibimoon doll. She comes with a little pink sugar heart wand!


"sailor moon toys" "sailor moon" doll wedding brideUsagi Bride Wedding Dress Doll
This doll is very special, I think every girl has dreamed their wedding to be like Usagi & Mamoru’s in the manga. This doll shows what the dress actually looks like in ‘real life’! The style is a little outdated but still pretty! If you’re looking to buy this in box, it will cost you a pretty penny.


"sailor moon toys" "tuxedo mask" dollTuxedo Mask Doll
Comes with quite a few accessories, his top hat, mask, gloves, a rose, 2 cards & a stand.


"sailor moon toys" "sailor moon" doll collectionSuper Sailor Moon Doll
This doll is a collector favourite mostly due to the nice packaging and the fact that she comes with a little gold wand & a mini holy chalice. This doll is very similar to the talking doll but the face is slightly different and this dress has sequins. The biggest difference of all is this doll comes with wings!


"sailor moon doll" "sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" outer senshi sailor uranus neptune pluto toy collectibles collectionOuter Senshi S Dolls
These were the only dolls made for Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in the S season. Saturn was sadly excluded. Each doll comes with a mini gold liprod.


"sailor moon toys" sailor chibimoon baby dollNakayoshi Sailor Chibimoon Baby Doll
One of the highly sought after baby dolls. Her body is soft and squishy while the rest of her is hard like most dolls. Comes with a Luna-P ball inside the box.