Sailor Moon SuperS Dolls

"sailor moon dolls" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon" talking doll collectionSuperS Chara Talk Dolls
Another one of my favourite Sailor Moon doll sets! Bandai Japan made two sets of talking dolls for SuperS, this is the upgraded Crystal Power set. They have the IRS receiver function and talk when activated, they say 3 phrases and one of them is “Crystal Power, Make Up!”


super sailor chibimoon dollSuper Chibimoon Doll
This doll was only released through Bandai Asia. There is a similar looking one from Japan but that’s a talking doll (pictured above). Chibimoon’s dress is very pretty & unique because it’s in a pearly white colour versus the typical sparkly silver. There are 2 red heart jewels on her locket and belt locket, but sadly mine fell off inside the sealed box!


sailor saturn doll toySailor Saturn Excellent Team Doll
This Saturn doll is very high quality and accurate, even her sleeves are correctly made. The only thing I would have liked better is if the glaive was metallic. She is around 8″ tall. Her brooch is a pointy metallic silver star!


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon doll" sailormoon baby doll toy collectibles anime merchandise bandai japanSuper Sailor Moon Baby Doll
This doll is extremely rare especially if you’re looking for a mint in box condition, over the past 4 years I’ve seen this for sale a handful of times. She is in chibi form with a super cute baby face. Her body is soft & squishy, different from the hard plastic dolls. Her arms, legs, head though are made of hard plastic. Recently she has sold for around $1k, definitely try to add her to your collection if you can! You won’t regret it!!!


"sailor moon" "sailor moon chibimoon" "sailor moon doll" "sailor moon toy" baby doll toy anime bandai japan "sailor moon collection"Super Sailor Chibimoon Baby Doll
From the same series as the baby doll above, also extremely rare. Super cute & sparkly! Chibimoon is a little shorter than Super Moon.


"sailor moon dolls" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon" "amazoness quartet" japan anime supers doll toy collectibles merchandiseAmazoness Quartet Dolls
These dolls are quite special because they are the only villain dolls Japan made! Each doll comes with extras like a whip or hair/head accessories and what looks to be a pair of undies!