Sailor Moon Stars Dolls

sailor moon beauty change dollEternal Sailor Moon Beauty Change Doll
She is 11″ tall, comes with an extra pink polka dot dress so she can “change” outfits! All in the inners & outers were also made!


eternal sailor moon dollExcellent Pose Eternal Sailormoon Doll
Another 11″ tall doll. This one is very different compared to all other Sailormoon dolls. The biggest difference being her face! She looks very mature..I think it would make a good custom for a NQS doll! Also this doll has wires inside so it’s poseable. Comes with an extra dress and a gold Eternal Tier (hidden in box).


eternal sailor moon doll toyEternal Moon Dream Pocket Doll
She is 6″ tall, comes with a little clear vinyl pouch to carry her in. Also comes with gloves, headband and wings. An odd thing about this doll is that her lips are rather purple! The entire set includes the inners, outers and the Starlights with the exception of Chibimoon.


sailor saturn dollSailor Saturn Dream Pocket Doll
Belongs in the same series as the doll above. Saturn also comes with her glaive.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon doll" "sailor moon toys" stars eternal doll figure japan animeTalking ESM Doll
This is the only talking doll made during the Stars era. She speaks 3 phrases in Japanese. Like the Excellent Pose doll from above, she also has a unique face.