Sailor Moon World Dolls

"sailor moon toys" eternal sailor moon world dollEternal Sailor Moon Sera-Myu Doll
This doll is modeled after the Seramyu musicals. This doll can be found in 2 sets, by herself or in a set with the inners. The only difference is this doll does not come with wings. On top of that, there are 2 versions of this single doll box, one box has Super Sailor Moon while the other has Eternal Sailor Moon. So in total this doll has 3 versions!


sailor moon dx world dolls setSailor Moon Sera-Myu DX Collection
This set is probably the most sought after doll set! If you want to splurge, get these! They are so beautiful and well made. However, there is a major factory flaw with Mars. A lot of collectors have reported that even if the box has never been opened, her hair still falls out. Same with Jupiter although not as bad. I’m very lucky it hasn’t happened to my set..yet!


"sailor moon doll" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon world" toysEternal Sailor Moon Sera-Myu Doll
This is a 6″ doll.  This and the Chibimoon doll below are the only ones that come packaged with an extra dress!


sailor chibimoon world dollSailor Chibimoon Sera-Myu Doll
This is a 6″ doll. Her dress is modeled after the Seramyu musicals. Chibimoon & Eternal Sailor Moon are the only ones that come packaged with an extra dress!


sailor moon dolls inner outer senshiSailor Moon Sera-Myu Mini Collection Sets
These are the “mini” sets. The dolls stand at 6″ tall and have the same mold as the Dream Pocket dolls. Each set includes a playhouse scene. When the box opens, it sort of looks like a foldout dollhouse.


sailor moon world doll venus jupiter innerSailor Moon World Inner Senshi Dolls
These dolls measure at 6″ tall. Each comes with her own school uniform & accessories. Very cute! These were the only ones to have this box layout, the outers did not get released with their school uniforms.


sailor moon uranus neptune pluto dollsSailor Moon World Outer Senshi Dolls
The outer senshi dolls were released in smaller boxes and received minimal accessories. Each doll measures at 6″ tall. Pluto was released with her staff. Uranus & Neptune do not come with their talismans.


"sailor moon toys" sailor saturn doll sailormoonSailor Saturn World Doll
Same as the dolls above, however there are 2 versions of this doll. One with incorrect boots, the one pictured is the correct version.


super sailor moon world doll toySuper Sailor Moon World Doll
Another 6″ doll. She was also released in a smaller box. Her dress is very pretty and comes with a detailed Spiral Heart Wand. Her box background is the most decorative of them all.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "time key" doll toyChibiusa SMW Doll
Another 6″ doll. She comes with a time key and a small Luna-P. The time key makes this doll highly sought after and expensive!


"sailor moon doll" "sailor moon world" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon"SMW Giveaway Prize Doll
This 6″ doll is quite rare because it’s not a regular for sale item. You can only get this doll through a lottery prize giveaway held by Kodansha’s Tanoshii Youchien magazine.