Sailor Moon Figures Toys

"sailor moon figure" "sailor moon" "limited edition" figure toySMW Sera-Myu Gashapon Figure
This is a very rare figure! According to the paper it comes with, this figure can only be won as a lottery prize to the “Sailormoon Gashapon 10th Anniversary Campaign”. There were only 2,000 produced.


sailor moon figure toySailor Moon Maniacs Figure
This is a special edition figure that was released along with the Figure Maniacs magazine. She is around 4″ tall and painted in shimmery/pearly paint. The base she stands on has a crescent moon shape to match her! This figure is modeled after the manga drawing.

sailor moon excellent model figuresExcellent Model Figures 19″ tall
These are the most accurate, high quality, detailed figures ever made! A must-have for any Sailor Moon collector! The paint job and the artwork is very stunning. They each come with a gold card that says what # your model is, a wand and a stand. Each of their box features a chibi manga drawing of the scout and Naoko’s signature! Very cute ^^


sailor chibimoon figure toySailor Chibimoon Excellent Model
Just like the figures above, Chibimoon is very detailed and accurate. She measures around 10″ tall and comes with a different stand than the ones above. Her stand is a circle base with a grabby handle around her waist. Compared to the models above, Chibimoon reaches the top of their thighs.


eternal sailor moon figure toyEternal Sailor Moon Excellent Model
Excellent Models are all very detailed and high quality, hence..excellent! This one is only 12″ tall compared to the other ones at 19″. It comes with wings and the eternal tier. This one is probably the hardest to find out of all the Excellent series.


tuxedo mask figure toyTuxedo Mask/Mamoru Pachi Pachi Figure
These pachi pachi figures come with an extra set of clothes that snaps on. Depending on the character, there is usually an accessory too (like a wand).


sailormoon chibi figures toysSMW Chibi Figures
I don’t have much information on these SMW figures except they’re around 1″ tall and really cute! For their size, they have excellent paint jobs and details.


sailor moon figures toysSailor Moon R Finger Puppets
Complete set of 10. Originally sold in gashapon machines. One of the very few Black Moon clan merchandise.


sailor moon toy princess serenity figurePrincess Serenity & Her Palace
This belongs to a set of 5 candy toys. Each comes with a little house/playset. When you connect them together it forms a pretty palace! The set pictured here is the top!


"sailor moon" "super sailor moon" "sailor moon figure" "sailor moon doll" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon world" "cold cast" kaiyodo anime japan figureSuper Sailor Moon Kaiyodo Figure
This is a 1/8 scale cold cast porcelain sculpture sculpted by Kagawa Masahiko, part of the Sailor Moon World line. This figure comes fully painted and assembled. Very high quality and fragile.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon figure" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor mars" kotobukiya figure toy anime japan bandaiSailor Mars Kotobukiya Figure
This is a 1/7 scale cold cast model sculpted by Hironori Tokunaga, part of the Sailor Moon World line. This figure comes fully painted and assembled. Very high quality and fragile.


sailor moon keychains toysSMW Keychains
Complete set of 6 keychains. Bandai originally released this set of keychains in 1992. When the 10th anniversary came along, they decided to release it again. Except this time they made Luna purple instead of black!


"sailor moon" "sailor moon figures" "sailor moon gashapon" "sailor moon toys" merchandise japan bandai figure doll toySMW Gashapon Series 1
Complete set of 6. This is the most bootlegged set so be careful when purchasing! The official ones come apart and have beautiful paint jobs.


sailor moon gashapon set 2 toysSMW Gashapon Series 2
Complete set of 6 figures. Often the most sought after set because of the outer senshi. Also the most expensive set.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon gashapon" "sailor moon figures" "sailor moon toys" merchandise toy doll anime japan bandai "sailor moon world"SMW Gashapon Series 3
Complete set of 6.


sailor moon gashapon 4 figuresSMW Gashapon Series 4
Set of 6 figures. Not pictured are Makoto & Minako in beach wear and Hotaru in her usual black outfit. From the collectors I’ve talked to, SSM is especially difficult to put together!


luna p sailormoon toysSmall Luna-P
There are 4 sets in this series of small plastic toys. Luna-P & Time Key, Moon’s R brooch, communicator watch and the henshin wand. Made by Bandai in 1993.


sailor moon figure toySailor Moon S Figure
The detailing and artwork is sort of lacking in this figure. Around 4.5″ tall.


castle playset sailormoon toysSailor Moon Castle Playset
One of the toys that is rather common. The complete set includes all 5 senshi and their colour themed castle. Each is a little different in that Usagi = bedroom, Mercury = library, Mars = tv room, Jupiter = restaurant, Venus = clinic. Each set includes accessories, senshi figure and a little gold wand!


eternal sailor moon keychainEternal Sailor Moon Keychain
This Sailor Moon keychain is part of the Stars set which includes the Starlights and Chibichibi. This set is usually the most expensive of the keychain sets.


new sailor moon figures italian2011 Italian Sailor Moon Mini Figures
These figures are around 3″ tall, they are very small, even smaller than the Bandai gashapon. There are 12 different figures including Beryl, Inner Senshi, Luna & Artemis. Each package comes with a curvy puzzle card that shows the character on one side and a puzzle on the other. The puzzle is a group shot of the senshi. Some of the figures come with a clear “crystal” stand which is quite pretty but unfortunately doesn’t do much in terms of helping it stand.


2011 sailor moon toy figures2011 Italian Sailor Moon 3D Figures
These figures are around the size of the Japanese gashapon. There are only 6 figures in this set but Sailor Moon comes with a school uniform so you can change her into Usagi! Personally I think this Tuxedo Mask figure is the best one ever made. Each box has 12 figures (2 of each), all blind packaged so you don’t know what you get until you open them! Along with each figure is a mini hardcover book featuring the character.


super sailor moon keychainsSuper Sailor Moon Keychains
Different variations of Super Sailor Moon in keychain format! I think they made the most variations of her in this form/dress.


usagi chibiusa toy figuresUsagi & Chibiusa Funny Face Figures
These were the only two “funny” faces figures ever made. Their expressions are so typical of their character! Very sought after because of the adorable factor!


sailor moon world candy figures toysSailor Moon World Figures Set #1
These are the first set of figures made in the SMW series. Pictured is the complete set, each figure comes with a wand & stand. About 3″ tall.


sailor moon figures candy toysSailor Moon World Figures Set #2
Another set of figures, these ones are more detailed than the previous set. This time they also included Chibimoon & Diana! Each figure comes with a small sticker sheet and stand.


"sailor moon toys" sailormoon figuresSailor Moon World Figures Set #3
Same series as above except they are in different poses. The easiest way to tell them apart is the colour of their bases.


"sailor moon world" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon figures" toy collectiblesSailor Moon World Finger Puppets
These are regular finger puppet size but the colours are more pastel than the older finger puppets.


sailor moon luna toy figureSailor Moon & Luna Figure
This suction cup figure is made by Bandai Asia in 1996. Features a super adorable Luna! This figure is quite rare especially in box!


sailor moon toys figures tuxedo maskSailor Moon S Finger Puppets
This set is made by Yutaka, I think the Chibiusa & Tuxedo Mask are the cutest!


sailor moon toys figuresSailor Moon Suction Cup Figures
These little figures have suction cups at the back of their heads so you can display them easily on glass.


"sailor moon toys" "sailor moon figures" "sailor moon gashapon" toysSailor Moon SuperS DX Gashapon Figures
Complete set of 6, made by Bandai. These were originally sold in gashapon machines. Each figure comes with a pink base.


"sailor moon toys" "sailor moon keychain" pgsm toyPGSM Keychains
Complete set of 5, made by Bandai. These were originally sold in gashapon machines.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon figure" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon doll" anime japan bandai "tamashii nations" "s.h. figuarts"Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts
This is the very first figure released from the 20th anniversary celebration. This Sailor Moon figure is jointed so you can pose her any way you’d like. The first edition of this figure comes with 2 bonus faces/expressions. The figure comes with Luna, Moon Stick and stand.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon figure" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon doll" "sailor mercury" anime japan bandai "tamashii nations" "s.h. figuarts"Sailor Mercury S.H. Figuarts
Part of the same product line as the above figure. Sailor Mercury comes with two computers, one opened one closed, her visor and a stand.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon figure" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon doll" "sailor mars" anime japan bandai "tamashii nations" "s.h. figuarts"Sailor Mars S.H. Figuarts
Part of the same product line as the above figures. The only accessories Sailor Mars comes with is her ofuda and a stand.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon figure" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon figuarts zero" "sailor moon 2014" anime japan shopping figureSailor Moon Figuarts ZERO
Part of the 20th anniversary celebration. This figure is not jointed so it is not poseable. The base is a pretty crescent moon shape. Also comes with a Cutie Moon Rod. Made by Bandai Tamashii Nations.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon figures" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon 2014" "sailor moon banpresto" "ufo prize" crane game anime japan arcade 2014 lunaSailor Moon Figure Gathering for Girls 1
Complete set of 4. These Sailor Moon figures are made by Banpresto and are only available from UFO crane game machines in Japan. They were not for sale in shops. Part of the 20th anniversary line.