Sailor Moon Games

sailor moon toys puzzleSailor Moon World Sliding Puzzle
Part of the SMW series, this puzzle has very colourful artwork, exclusive to all SMW merchandise.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon collectibles" "sailor moon supers" toy "fax machine" japan anime yutakaSailor Moon SuperS Melody Fax
When you press the button, music will start playing and the paper will move down like a real fax machine! Made by Yutaka in 1995.


sailor moon toy gameSailor Moon R Board Game
Sooo cute! Features many characters in chibi form including the 4 Black Moon sisters. Comes with game pieces, game board, dice and cards. All in Japanese writing so I’m not sure how to play ^^”


sailor moon toy pinballSailor Moon S Pinball Game
Another early piece in my collection. This is like any regular pinball game where you try to shoot and score. The special thing about this is if you land in the center, the ball will push open the “gates” and you can see Usagi & Mamoru kissing! Also on the gates are Uranus & Neptune.


sailor moon toy gameSailor Moon SuperS Playset
I’m not exactly sure how you play since it’s all in Japanese. This set includes play money, game pieces, game cards, a card case and a whistle!


sailor moon knitting machine toySailor Moon Knitting Machine
This isn’t exactly a toy since it does actually knit! It comes with yarn, knitting parts/tools, instructions, etc!


eternal sailor moon toy figureSailor Fantasy Castle Play Set
This is a really fun toy! You can spin it to reveal different compartments. Part of it is mirrored so it’s sort of like an illusion. Good hiding spot for small things! It also comes with a cute Eternal Sailor Moon figure.


sailor moon toy rouletteSailor Moon Roulette Party Game
This is one of my favourite toys! It is a very well made roulette game. It actually spins very smooth and fast like the ones in the casinos. Included are chips, 4 different game boards, character game pieces and a mini gold Holy Chalice. Best Sailor Moon toy ever!


"sailor moon toy" "sailor moon" projector toys collectiblesSailor Moon Crystal Story Teller
This is basically a Sailor Moon projector! It has a slideshow of images that can project onto a wall. It also plays the voices of the senshi & Tuxedo Mask with music clips.


"sailor moon toys" "sailor moon" slot machine game toySailor Moon Slot Machine
This is a pretty fun game! It comes with several game slides and many coins. When you insert a coin the music plays and it lights up. Then you press the 3 buttons to stop the light onto a block. When you form a line a bunch of coins drop!


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "tuxedo mask" anime toy japan usagi "sailor moon collectibles" puzzle toy collectionUsagi & Mamoru Puzzle
A 300 piece puzzle featuring beautiful artwork of the lovely couple. Made by Artbox.


sailor moon puzzle toySailor Moon R Puzzle
An oval shaped sparkly puzzle that features all 5 inner senshi in chibi form. Also made by Artbox.


sailor moon puzzle toysSailor Moon S Puzzle
An oval shaped sparkly puzzle that features all the inner senshi, Neptune & Uranus. Made by Artbox.


sailor moon puzzle toysSailor Stars Puzzle
300 piece puzzle made by Artbox. Measures 38x53cm.


"sailor moon toys" "sailor moon" eternal puzzle game toy merchandise collectiblesEternal Sailor Moon Puzzle
100 piece puzzle, measures 25x35cm. This is often mistaken for a VHS tape because of the packaging. The actual puzzle image is the one on the back of the box.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon puzzle" "sailor moon merchandise" sailor pluto neptune uranus jupiter mars venus mercury chibimoon "sailor moon anime" japanSailor Moon S Prism Puzzle
300 piece puzzle made by Artbox. Measures 38x53cm. This is one of the harder to find puzzles, it took me 3 years to track this down.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon puzzle" "sailor moon merchandise" sailor jupiter mars venus mercury "sailor moon anime" japanSailor Moon Night Sky Puzzle
500 piece puzzle made by Seika Note Co. Measures 38x53cm. The top night sky part was very difficult to put together!