Sailor Moon Household

sailor moon toys figuresSailor Moon Toothbrush Caps
I don’t have much information on these..but they are just so cute!


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" pgsm toy toothbrush collectibes collection japan animePGSM Toothbrush Set
Includes 1 super cute toothbrush cap, 2 toothbrushes, 8 sticker labels.

sailor moon bento collectiblesSailor Moon World Bento Flags
Part of the SMW series, these are little bento flags that you can put in rice balls to decorate your lunch box! Features all the inner senshi, Neptune, Uranus & Pluto.


sailor moon tin caseSailor Moon R Tin
This was made by Movic, they make lots of cute items with chibi characters! This tin features the inner senshi, Mamoru, Alan & Ann, Naru, Melvin and Moonlight Knight. It also has lots of cute expressions on the side!


sailor moon bandaidsSailor Moon Bandage Set with Tin
From the S season, this set features bandaids with all the inners, Uranus & Neptune.


sailor moon nakayoshi photo albumNakayoshi Sailor Moon Photo Album
This is a thin, paperback photo album. The drawings on this are all manga style. The artwork is absolutely beautiful though! The back features drawings of Chibiusa and all the outers.


sailor moon world bandagesSailor Moon World Bandaids
These bandaids come in a standard size and a smaller size. They feature really colourful artwork exclusive to SMW.


sailor moon snow cone maker toySuperS Snow Cone Maker
One of a rarely seen item. It’s a massive collector’s piece so make room before you get it! On the label, Moon & Chibimoon are holding little snow cones! There is also an S version.


princess serenity sailor moon tissuePrincess Serenity & Prince Endymion Tissue Pack
This tissue  pack is so adorable, it features the famous couple – Serenity & Endymion with little hearts all around!


sailor moon world posterSailor Moon World Picnic Mat
Another SMW merchandise, this picnic mat is meant for 1 person, but it’s huge! I will most likely hang it up on the wall and use it like a poster!


sailor moon cushion plushSailor Moon S Cushion
This is a small little cushion, doubt it was ever meant to be used for the head or butt. Mine is currently used by my Sailor Moon Baby Doll as a seat!


sailor moon blanket coverEternal Moon Blanket Cover
Made by a Japanese bedding company, 100% cotton, 140 x 90cm. When opened, features Eternal Moon in the center of a crescent moon. Background is mostly pink & purple!


sailor moon bowl collectiblesSailor Moon S Bowl
A small bowl meant for kids, made in plastic. Highlight of this is the heart rod artwork!


sailor moon clock collectiblesSailor Moon SuperS Clock
This is a calendar and clock, but since it was made back in 1995, the calendar is no longer useful. The clock portion still works and looks great with a gold trim around it.


sailor moon magnets toysSailor Moon SS Magnet Set 1
This set features them in casual attire! Minako hugging Artemis is so cute!


sailor moon magnets toysSailor Moon SS Magnet Set 2
This is the only magnet set to feature Tuxedo Mask!


sailor moon world magnetsSailor Moon World Magnet Set
So cute! The quality of these magnets are a lot sharper and nicer compared to the older releases. This set usually goes for a much higher price due to the outers especially Saturn.


sailor moon bag toysSailor Moon S Plastic Bag
This is a promotional item made by Morinaga and inside came with 5 trading cards. The back features Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako in their school uniforms.


sailor moon 2011 new magazine toy2011 Italian Sailor Moon Magazine No.2
Features a couple pages per character, briefly describing their personality and hobbies. All new artwork is used. Includes a free gift – Luna Pen with lip gloss.


2011 sailor moon toys magazine2011 Italian Sailor Moon Magazine No.3
Features new artwork of Neo-queen Serenity, King Endymion, Chibiusa, Alan & Ann. Includes a free gift – blue zipper handbag with stars.


easter egg sailor moon toys 2011Sailor Moon 2011 Easter Chocolate Egg
This is a very rare item! You can only get it in Italy during Easter (April) of 2011.  It’s a big huge hollow chocolate egg with a prize inside! To see what prize I got..visit the Jewelry section under the Specialty tab!


sailor moon towel collectiblesSailor Moon S Chibi Towel
A sheer see through towel featuring the 5 senshi in chibi form! The towel measures 80 x 25 cm and is meant for use in the shower. The Jupiter insert is removable and features her profile information on the back.


sailor moon photo albumSailor Moon Photo Album 1
Part of the new 2011 Italian merchandise. Total of 3 were made. These fit 5×8 photographs.


sailormoon photo albumSailor Moon Photo Album 2
See above


sailor moon photo albumSailor Moon Photo Album 3
See above


sailor moon large canvas collectiblesSailor Moon Art Canvas Set
Released in 2011 in Italy. These canvases are huge, measures at 90cm tall. Very high quality, wooden frame backing. Due to their large size, only a very limited amount were exported by Italian sellers.


sailor moon fanSailor Moon Fan
A very delicate fan, it’s made of paper material and a plastic frame. The image of Usagi looks very graceful and mature! A complete set of the inner senshi was made.


sailor moon mirror collectiblesSailor Moon Mirror
This mirror features the senshi in chibi form. The text mentions the senshi having successfully defeated Queen Beryl but a new enemy has emerged. For some unknown reason the enemy is after a little girl with the same name as Usagi! The left image is taken with camera flash, the right no flash.


sailor moon christmas treeSailor Moon S Christmas Tree
This will for sure put you in the holiday spirit! It’s 60cm tall, comes with 10 character ornaments, 2 gold ones & a Cosmic Heart brooch tree topper!


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" pink blanket geSailor Moon Pink Throw Blanket
Made by GE in 2012. It’s very soft and fluffy, keeps you surprisingly warm! Read my product review for it here.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" pgsm "sailor moon merchandise" anime japan toy towelPGSM Towel
A big body towel featuring colourful artwork!


"sailor moon" "sailor moon 20th anniversary" "keisuke kanda" clothing apron accessories fashion clothes anime new merchandiseSailor Moon Paper Apron
This is a Sailor Moon x keisuke kanda collaboration celebrating the 20th anniversary. More in-depth information can be found in this post.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon collectibles" "sailor moon towel" "sailor moon memorial tribute" "sailor moon mtv" anime japanSailor Moon Memorial Tribute Microfibre Mini Towels
These were made as part of the event merchandise for the MTV LIVE 2014 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute that happened on Feb 27, 2014 in Tokyo.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon collectibles" "sailor moon mtv live" "memorial tribute" flag bandai anime japan 2014Sailor Moon Memorial Tribute Flag
Also part of the event merchandise for the MTV LIVE 2014 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute. The image on the flag features all 10 senshi in manga art style.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon 2014" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon bento" lunch box "sailor moon anime" anime bandai japan merchandise toySailor Moon Bento 3pc Set
Part of the 20th anniversary line, this is a 3 piece container set that retailed for 1200円. The biggest container holds 480ml, the second holds 300ml, the smallest holds 180ml.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon 2014" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon bento" plastic cup "sailor moon anime" anime bandai japan merchandise toySailor Moon Plastic Cup
Part of the 20th anniversary line, made of melamine (plastic), very sturdy and good quality. This retailed for 500 yen.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toy" "sailor moon 2014" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon bento" cutlery set spoon chopsticks "sailor moon anime" anime bandai japan merchandise toySailor Moon Cutlery Set
Part of the 20th anniversary line, this set includes a spoon and a pair of chopsticks. This retailed for 850 yen.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon cup" "sailor moon 2014" "sailor moon mugs" luna artemis kitchen bento "sailor moon anime" merchandise japan toy 2014Luna & Artemis Mugs
These cute mugs are made of ceramic, they’re a little bit on the smaller side of mugs, on the back is a silhouette image of Luna & Artemis kissing. Part of the 20th anniversary line.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon compact" "sailor moon anime" "sailor moon 2014" "crystal star" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon toys" japan anime kawaii shopping 2013Sailor Moon Crystal Star Cushion
The cushion measures around 45cm wide, it’s made of a smooth silky material. It is black on the back with the 5 senshi symbols all over. Part of the 20th anniversary line.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon crystal" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon tumbler" "sailor moon cup" "sailor moon mug" "travel mug" cup aeon shop anime japan 2014Sailor Moon Crystal Tumbler
This is a Aeon limited edition tumbler. It’s made of plastic. There were 2 designs, I only got this one, the other one is of the Crystal poster with Chibimoon. The illustration is holographic and Jupiter & Venus are on the back.


"sailor moon crystal" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon collectibles" "sailor moon bento" "sailor moon box" "bento box" lunch chopsticks cup spoon anime japan 2014Sailor Moon Crystal Lunch & Bento Items
These are high quality plastic lunch accessories released in November 2014. More detailed info can be found here.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon crystal" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon calendar" "sailor moon crystal calendar" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon collectibles" anime japan calendarSailor Moon Crystal 2015 Calendar
This stand-up calendar comes with stickers to decorate with. Released in November 2014.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon box" "sailor moon collectibles" "sailor moon crystal" "crystal power box" "sun star" bandai anime senshi crystal 2014Sailor Moon Crystal Power Box
These small storage boxes have really nice artwork on it inside and out, measures around 15cm all around. The left one has all 10 senshi pictured on it. Released in December 2014.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon 2015" "sailor moon tea cup" saucer "bone china" "fine china" noritake japan anime toy 2015Sailor Moon Noritake Tea Cup & Saucer
In collaboration with Noritake, this is the first Sailor Moon tea cup and saucer set. High quality made in fine bone china. You can find more detailed info here.


"sailor moon" "sailor moon toys" "sailor moon merchandise" "sailor moon ichiban kuji" anime japan "sailor moon figure" "sailor moon plush" luna "neoqueen serenity" charms "princess serenity" toys anime japan shop "tuxedo mask" glassesLife with Sailor Moon Ichiban Kuji Glasses
These are the D prize from the Life with Sailor Moon Ichiban Kuji lottery. They measure 16cm tall. Comes in a pair. Released in January 2015.