New Sailor Moon 2014 Schedule Books!!

Are you guys ready for some awesome news?! We’ll be getting official SAILOR MOON 2014 SCHEDULE BOOKS from Japan!!! At the moment there are 4 styles to choose from and you can already preorder them from JBOX!! The pink ones are $24, the coloured ones are $14.50. They are scheduled for release in August 2013.

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5 Responses to New Sailor Moon 2014 Schedule Books!!

  1. Argocity2008 says:

    They look bootleg…

  2. Hector says:

    They could had used. The italian art,it would lookd more nicer :/

  3. sapphire says:

    the pink is the only one that looks good
    The other ones look fake :(

  4. Cheyanne says:

    I just ordered the pink one with the silhouette on it. I really like how detailed Japanese Planners are so I’m hoping this one is similar to the ones I’ve been using for the past few years, or that it will at least work well for me!

    I agree that the other designs look kinda cheap though…

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