New Sailor Moon “Moonlight Memory” Cosmic Heart & Crystal Star Compacts!!

Premium Bandai announced a new product line today, the “Moonlight Memory” series. First in this series are 2 mirror compacts in the form of the Crystal Star and Cosmic Heart transformation compacts. When you open them up it’ll look just like the ’90s toy with the crystal, but it can open up once more to show 3 compartments. These beautiful compacts also serve as practical small items storage cases! They are made of ABS (plastic), PMMA (clear acrylic) and glass. The Crystal Star compact measures 7.5 cm × 7.5 cm × 3.5 cm. The Cosmic Heart compact measures 9.8 cm × 9.6 cm × 3.9 cm. They do not light up or play music. Retail price is 4,725 yen each. Scheduled release date is March 2014. If you live in Japan you can preorder directly from Premium Bandai. If you live outside Japan you’ll need to use a deputy service: step by step guide.

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27 Responses to New Sailor Moon “Moonlight Memory” Cosmic Heart & Crystal Star Compacts!!

  1. Hillary says:

    Aaahh and I bought the shining moon powder compact, too! They look exactly alike but I think the powder compact is smaller. I’m not sure if I should spring for this one, now!
    I hope they’ll be easier to obtain than the powder compact was.

  2. Casey says:

    I see these are listed on the P-Bandai site. I signed up and sent a request for these over at FROMJAPAN. If they aren’t available for preorder yet, will FROMJAPAN order them when they become available? I’ve never used a proxy site before. (And thanks for your guide, by the way. I wouldn’t have been able to figure it out otherwise.)

    • smcollectibles says:

      Yeah they will order when it goes live. No problem! ^^

      • Casey says:

        I placed the order last night on FromJapan and paid this morning. My status says “Processing order”. How long will it take me for me to know if they where able to preorder them for me or not??
        Does it usually take a day or two? I’m so scared I wont get them or that they will sell out!

        • smcollectibles says:

          They will email you saying if they bought it or not, usually you get the email within 24 hours. If they couldn’t buy it they will refund you right away.

  3. Amy says:

    Is it known if they can be preordered soon at j-list?

  4. Janelle says:

    Do you think it is safer to do deputy service now or wait on jlist? I need these like whoa. :o

    • smcollectibles says:

      I don’t think Jlist can get them anymore, I think there’s a PBandai quantity limit once again :( Everything is a mess right now though because the site crashed from all the traffic!

  5. Amy says:

    I want to buz the heart compact but can|t find it at zou deputy service :( can you tell me what I have to search? I want to order it !!

  6. nina says:

    “Yeah they will order when it goes live. No problem!” – So our orders are still placed? Or do we have to place orders again?

  7. Francesca White says:

    How do you buy them? I want to get one but i can’t read any of the site? :(

  8. Hillary says:

    I was lucky enough to score one using a deputy service (I decided to just get the cosmic heart compact since I have the shining moon powder compact). I tried to get a pair of PJs, too, but they were already sold out!

  9. Ines says:

    I’m having an hard time deciding about these. I find them pretty, but I think I’ll pass. I’ve bought the gashapon set of compacts already. I know these are different, but not enough to make me buy (and they’re expensive for what they are). I want to save my money, in case they do something like the proplica one. I would love to have them then.

    • Hillary says:

      Proplica compacts would be flipping awesome!!!

      • nina says:

        As I take it Bandai releases “adult” SM toys now which can be used in daily routine such as the powder compact or the mirror cases. For that reason I’m a little dubious about Probilca brooches. :/ I’d love to get them though!

  10. Born-Critic says:

    I have to wonder whether this is exactly what they’ll look like when they get released. I’m not so enthusiastic about the Heart Compact being pink instead of red. It kills the heraldic quality of that item.

  11. Madhan says:

    Can i still order them?

  12. Vivian says:

    Ahhhhh I missed these when they first went up for preorder. What options do we have for buying them now? Wait until resellers post them on eBay?

    • smcollectibles says:

      Unfortunately yes because they’re all sold out on Premium Bandai. I haven’t heard anything about another production run but that could happen in the future.

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