Sailor Moon Capsule Goods Deluxe Set 2 Gashapon

Sailor Moon Capsule Goods Deluxe Set 2 Gashapon

Continuing the popular Sailor Moon Capsule Goods Deluxe gashapon set is series 2 which includes the following items. There’s a total of 6 to collect.

  • Crystal Carillon Memo Stand: handy stand that holds paper, measures 7.1cm
  • Rainbow Moon Chalice Case: large case, measures 7.3cm
  • Pocket Watch Mirror: convenient mirror on the reverse side, measures 6.7cm
  • Disguise Pen: an actual functioning pen, measures 5.8cm
  • Pouch: canvas fabric material, comes with Time Key charm, measures 17cm x 11cm
  • Hair Scrunchie: design based on Chibimoon, measures 11cm

The retail price is 400 yen each. The scheduled release date is March 2017. Stay tuned for preorder links!

Jlist (complete set of 6): $19.80 (with 10% off discount)

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  1. Emma
    December 09, 2016 23:16 Reply

    Will you let us know when they are pre orders for this set?

  2. Sailor Dookie
    December 02, 2016 06:46 Reply

    These are cute but what happened to the Sailor Stars gashapon items for Nov? Was there ever a preorder lin??

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