Tips on Buying Sailor Moon Toys on eBay

For a lot of new Sailor Moon collectors, the primary source for finding toys is often eBay. It’s easy and with Paypal your purchases are (mostly) protected from scammers. When you type in “Sailor Moon” in the eBay search, you get over 13,000 results. That number is overwhelming to anybody, so how do you narrow it down to only toys you’re interested in? Here are some tips that I use and I hope it helps you too!

I am not a card collector, so in the search I add in “-card”, this will give me all listings with the words “Sailor Moon” in it minus the ones with the word “card”. The search results are now down to 9,400. You can keep taking out words for items you’re not interested in but be careful, sometimes sellers incorrectly list their items with unrelated words and you might miss out on a good deal.

As an avid collector, I check on eBay all the time, so I always sort the listings by “Newly Listed”. This way I can easily see what’s been added since the last time I checked. Another useful tool is the “Completed Listings” function. I routinely check on that too to see what prices certain items sold for so I can keep track of the going market rates. I hope these quick tips helped and to start you off on your search, below are some current eBay results using my custom search parameters!

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